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Playpark Rappelz | GAME GUIDE
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How to get started

Here are the basic steps on how to play the game.

Step One: Register via PLAYID
You will need to have a PLAYID account for you to play the game. First you need to go to the website given below.


Step Two: Go and Visit the website and go to the download client section. No worries the game client is free to download

Step Three: Install the game, Once the installation is finish kindly click on the icon of rappelz on your desktop.


This is the log in interface of the game. You can use the following if you don’t have a playpark account or PLAYID account.



You need to have to choose a server that you want to play on. The population of all servers might be different and we advise you to pick the first on the list as it is the best one to start a new character.


After you choose your server, your next step is to create your own character. Only thing you need to do is choose from the 3 Class Race.


Once you picked your faction, the next screen tells you a bit more about the class tree that will be available to you. Kindly read everything and make sure you make the right decision.


And for the final step it’s time to create your avatar by choosing his gender, appearance and name. Make sure that you are 100% about the looks of your character. Note: that you cannot use any special characters in choosing your IGN


CONTROLS: Rappelz icontrol is unlike most of the MMORPGs that you’ve played, a click to move game. This means you have to point and click to the direction you want your character to move.


LEFT CLICK: To Move and Attack

RIGHT CLICK : To Rotate Camera Angle

MOUSE SCROLL: To Zoom in and Zoom Out



1) Character Status
2) Pet Status
3) Buff Indicator
4) MAP
5) Pet Information
6) Weapon/Armor Durability
7) Chat Window
8) Skill Shorcut
9) Other Shortcuts



1) Character Status: This shows the status of your character for example Life, Mana, EXP, JV EXP
2) Pet Status: Same as the character status this shows the status of your pet.
3) Buff Indicator: This shows the indicator of the buffs that you receive from the game.
4) MAP: This shows where is your current location inside the game
5) Pet Information: This shows the complete details of your character’s pet including the skills.
6) Weapon / Armor Durability: Shows the status of your armor and weapons durability.
7) Chat Window: This is where you talk to your friends in game, guild , party etc
8) Skill Shortcut: This is where you put your skills on it.
9) Other Shorcuts: Other ingame shortcuts will be located here.


Once you start playing the game you need to talk to some of the NPC for you to learn the game itself.


if you see a RED ! in a certain map or town that means there is a available quest for you to do.

Once you accept the quest you will be able to see the location on where you be able to finish your quest.

You have completed your quest, Now go back and claim your reward


1) This is where you can put your primary items
2) This is where you add your costumes
3) This is your main item inventory
4) This is your belt slot section
5) This is for your necklace slot
6) This is where you can locate your Rupee’s and also the weight of your character inventory (note: if you reach a certain weight or overweight on your inventory your movement speed will also decrease.)
7) This is where you can Enahance, Combine, Repair and Destroy your items
8) This is where you locate your booster items
9) Shortcut for the items you have on your inventory (Weapons, Pets, Skill Cards, Consumable Etc.)



Trading maybe one of the most important thing while playing an MMORPG. In this portion we show you how to trade in the game. and other cool stuffs you can do inside the world of rappelz.


First Click on the character that you wish to trade with.


Then you will be seeing a window on the top of your screen click the button beside the X and there you will be the menu now click TRADE REQUEST h.


A pop out window will appear asking for the trade request


Once you have already accepted the trade you can now drag the items that you want to trade with your friend or other players. just a reminder there are items in game that are not tradable.


To complete the trade you must press the
button that says FINAL DECISION.


In town locate a NPC that looks like a CAT. talk to the NPC and go to the FLEA MARKET.

Once you found your sweet spot press T, In the action window go to the community Tab then press STORE. or you can just type /store.

This is now you set up your personal shop Just drag the items that you wish to sell you can also set your own price. and don’t forget to add the name of your shop.

Here’s an Example of a complete setting of a personal store. you can also see here the total of rupees that you will get once all of your item are being sold.


One of the most exciting aspects in playing MMORPG is to develop your character and learn their skills. You will able to notice that when killing monster or completing your quests, you will gain Job Points (JP) that can be used to upgrade Job Levels and Skills.


This is were you spend some JP to increase your JLv (Job Level). AS you increase your character’s JLv you will:

1. increase the basic stats of your character in a pattern unique to your Profession & Race

2. unlock additional skills in your skill tree.

Here’s an example of the Skill Tree UI, Always Remember to upgrade your JLv for you to Activate another skill. if you want to increase the level of a skill, you need to click on the small arrow below the icon of the respective skill on the right window. All the skills that you learnt will be listed on the left window below the JLv information. Your Character will have two types of skills; Passive and Active. Passive skills will be used automatically as soon as you learn them. In order to use active skills you need to click on them to activate them. You can drag active skills on skills bars and also assign shortcuts.


How to create PARTY in RAPPELZ 1) Add them as your friend (you can also add random people if you want).

Press T and the community tab then click ORGANIZE A PARTY

This is where you fix the settings of the party.

Now Click on the character that you wish to be a member of your party.

The invited Character will receive a notice if he/she wants to join the party

Once the invited player accepts the invite now you have a stable party where you can enjoy hunting and leveling up.



Having a pet in RAPPELZ is very important the reason is your pets will become your ally to level your character and also help your guilds in the dungeons inside the game.

While in trainee town go and talk to NPC Rudmiyu she will ask you do a activity for you
to tame a pet, Once you mastered the said skill go back to NPC Rudmiyu and finish the

She will give you as reward one basic creature card: Pantera, Tortus or Poultry. But the most important is the scroll that rudmiyu will she give it to you, better read the instruction carefully for you to tame a certain pet.


1) Player should have a certain CARD for you to tame that pet
2) Cast the CREATURE TAMING skill
3) Once you are done with the skill eliminate the monster
4) You will see a if the capture was a success or not
5) If success you will see the card on your inventory
6) Once you see the said card, press Y.
7) Drag the card on the pet slot
8) Once you place the card, Press the skill SUMMON CREATURE.


1) Green Icon – Tamable Pet this means you can capture the said creature
2) Yellow Icon – This means you already tamed the creature.
3) Purple Icon – This means you can’t tame the creature



1. This is the rank of your item.
2. This is your item name and it contains valuable information such as the enchantment and the reforging level
3. The Required level is the level you need to equip the item. The Recommended level is the level you need to be to benefit from the full power of the reforging. Here, the numbers in orange refer to what stats your character gets from the reforging. The green number is the bonus you get for the enchantment.
4. Those are the stats that your weapon will have for the next enchantment.
5. This is the information regarding the Soulstones. Each information on the stone you socket is here. You can also check the soul power from there.


1. REFORGING AN ITEM: Reforging an item will cost you some Rupees but it is an easy way to increase the power of your items. Dont forget to equip your items for you to reforge and then talk to a Blacksmith located on the town. Note: the max level for the reforge is level 10.e.

ENCHANT AN ITEM – Armor, Weapons, and Skill Cards can be upgraded by combining one of these items with the right type of Cube. There are Cube-Skill, Cube-Strike and Cube-Defense which are designed for use on skill cards, weapons and armor respectively. Once you have successfully combined the two the item description will show a single digit +n bonus. The highest level of enchantment possible is +10 for skill cards and +10 for weapons and armor. The probability of losing an item increases at higher levels. You need to be aware that you can find cubes from drops only. You will find complete cubes or pieces of cubes that you will have to combine to create a complete cube. As mentioned, trying to enchant an item can break it. If you come across such situation, you will need to use a Repair Powder and combine it with your item to use it again. But you can prevent breaking your item by using a Protection Powder during the enchantment combination and if it fails, it will protect your item from breaking.


Here are the steps on ENCHANTING AN ITEM

1. Opens the upgrade combination interface
2. Slot for the item you want to enchant
3. Reagent for the combination
4. Icon that will open the upgrade combination database
5. Once you selected a combination from the database, details are displayed in this window.


Here are the steps on ENCHANTING AN ITEM

1. Opens the upgrade combination interface
2. Slot for the item you want to enchant
3. Reagent for the combination
4. Icon that will open the upgrade combination database
5. Once you selected a combination from the database, details are displayed in this window.


The last option to upgrade your items (only weapons) is the Runes and Shards. FYI The Rune itself will not upgrade your item it only give the item a cool aura on it

• 4 available from the Aura Merchant
• 2 available from the Bear Dungeon Merchant
However the Aura Merchant sells Ancient Runes while the Bear Dungeon ones are Common.

The difference between the two resides in the shard that you will be able to apply to the item as you also have common and ancient shards which can respectively only be applied to a common or ancient rune.

The shards are can be bought from normal Merchants and once applied will increase Atk or M. Atk depending on the shard you purchased.

Heres the information about the Runes and Shards on the weapon:

• The red frame shows you by how much the shard increase your Atk or M. Atk. Information is displayed in yellow
• The green frame shows you which rune is applied on your weapon and how much time left to it.

Note that once the rune is gone, the effect of the shard is removed with it



The First Piece of the Witch’s Pendant is in the Navislamia General Storage, dropped by Prisoner of Dark.

The Second Piece of the Witch’s Pendant is in the Port Crew Cabin. Search the corpses and sacks on the floor to receive a “Possession” item; open it for the pendant piece.

The Third Piece of the Witch’s Pendant is in the Navislamia Food Storage, dropped by Zombie Low Priest.

The Fourth Piece of the Witch’s Pendant is in A Tear in Reality. Talk to the Mysterious Girl and always select the second response if there is more than one to receive the piece. If you answer incorrectly she will poison you.

The Fifth Piece of the Witch’s Pendant is in the Starboard Crew Cabin. Search the corpses on the floor to receive a “Possession” item; open it for the pendant piece.

The Sixth Piece of the Witch’s Pendant is in the High Priest’s Private Lab, dropped by Cursed Temple Knight to find it.