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Playpark Rappelz | PlayPark Rappelz Alpha Test FAQ
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Q. Is this the PC or Mobile Version?

A. This is the PC version of Rappelz.

Q. Is this an official server?

A. Yes, this is the official server for Southeast Asia.

Q. What is the episode version of Rappelz?

A. We will be using the Siege of Citadel version.

Q. May I join the Alpha Test?

A. Yes, this is a public Alpha Public Test. Anybody may participate in the testing.

Q. How do I join the Public Alpha Test?

A. You just need to download the installer from here [LINK]

Q. How do I register?

A. You may use your PlayPark ID, Google or Facebook account to create an account.

Q. What is an Alpha Test?

A. An Alpha Test is for testing of game/network stability as well as to pinpoint any bugs or issues before the  full release of the game.

Q. Will there be an account wipe after the Alpha?

A. Yes, all accounts will be wiped before the start of OBT.

Q. Will there be rewards for participating in the Alpha?

A. Yes. All participants will receive a package upon the start of OBT.

Q.How long will the Alpha Test last?

A. The Alpha Test will be from April 12 to April 22. However, it may be extended upon the need that may arise.