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In the world of Rappelz, the player can choose between 3 different races: the proud Gaia, born on the continent of the same name; the treacherous Asura, dark magic users and members of the Darkness; and finally the brilliant Deva, a tribe worshiping the Light and offering help and treatment to whoever needs it.


They are the most powerful and maybe have the best vitality among these 3 races. They are also very cohesive society and are a powerful force when brought together. The gaia can manipulate the powers of AIR,WATER,EARTH and FIRE to enhance their weapons and armors and have the ability to manifest their fighting spirit for them to use in battle.


Are the decendants of the GOD OF DESTRUCTION, The asura race have quick attacks and high mobility and focus more on shade and fire magic. Once said that the asura race where hidden since the ancient times until the witch summoned them from their dark veil to protect the world.


The deva’s where send to the world by the GOD OF CREATION to help the GAIA. They use the powers of light for healing and defense. They are the most needed class due to their ability to support their comrades.